Dakar Rally

An off-road race that started in Paris and went to Dakar in 1978 has now spread to different continents. This race takes place in the harsh landscapes of Saudi Arabia, which acts as a testament to machine and human triumph. This race exemplifies resilience and adventure to the world by providing participants with a diverse landscape. Different categories of cars, UTVs, trucks, and motorcycles are used in this exemplary race.

It spans over two weeks and covers multiple areas, including the Dubai desert, mountains, and rocky paths. Thus, the vehicles in Dakar rally demand high resistance, strength, navigation prowess, and mechanical reliability. 

Waseelat provides high-quality auto spare parts, which include many vehicle components like car accessories, Toyota parts, batteries, brake fluids, suspensions, etc. We aim to push every vehicle to its extreme and ensure it conquers all types of paths with solid infrastructure and easy navigation. Our commitment to providing top-notch Dakar rally parts aligns with the needs of this iconic race. With Waseelat, every participant can trust us with the utmost quality of vehicles. 

Engine Oils

We are a trusted provider of high-quality engine oils tailored explicitly for the efficient performance of Dakar rally vehicles. Due to the race’s geographical significance, vehicles risk facing extreme temperatures, mechanical stress, and dusty terrains. Thus, we take pride in engineering our oils and brake fluids based on the demands of Dakar rally vehicles, be they motorcycles, trucks, cars, or UTVs participating in the race. Thus, you can rely on our engine oils that will suit your best vehicle needs and give consistent and reliable performance throughout the tenure of the Dakar Rally race. 


Waseelat takes pride in providing optimal results to all vehicles that participate in the Dakar rally race. They are committed to providing all types of efficient car accessories that help all the participants run optimally. Our brake oils are formulated in a way that they can ensure optimal lubrication to the Dakar rally vehicles. We take pride in engineering our oils and brake fluids based on the demands of Dakar rally vehicles. These brake fluids are formulated to withstand extreme weather conditions and high-speed areas, mountainous paths, and challenging terrains of Dubai deserts. 


Apart from our engine oils, Waseelat also provides high-quality and efficient filters that boost the performance of vehicles participating in Dakar rally race. Due to the race’s geographical locations, our filters ensure that the vehicles’ engines remain clean and efficient throughout the race. These filters ensure the engines stay clean and lubricated to meet the race’s specific needs and the rough paths allocated during the race. 

Suspension Systems

To elevate the performance of vehicles participating in the Dakar rally race, Waseelat has come up with tailored suspension solutions. A robust suspension system is essential for cars to perform efficiently and smoothly in challenging terrains and paths of the race. The vehicles in the Dakar rally race must navigate through rocky landscapes and high-speed sections; thus, strong suspension systems are a must. We offer a cutting-edge suspension system to cater to this need of vehicles. 

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