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Auto spare parts business is at boom in the automotive landscape of Dubai. It is often very hard finding reliable and popular auto parts and commercial vehicle spare parts. In this article, we will explore some of the auto spare parts and commercial vehicle spare parts suppliers who have been working in this industry for years and have established their name. They offer a wide array of genuine car parts from different regions of Baniyas Deira to industrial areas of Sharjah. All the companies mentioned in the article have proven themselves over the years with their quality service and customer satisfaction. They deal in all types of vehicles and all types of spare parts. Whether you are looking for leading brands, or their auto parts shop, they got you covered. These brands include Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Genesis, Hyundai, Ford, Kia, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Mopar, or Poersche. Looking for OEM and genuine car parts is easy now. 

These all renowned companies contribute to the automotive ecosystem of Dubai in their own unique way. They have proven themselves by providing vast inventory, great expertise, and a full time dedication and quality assurance to their customer’s unique needs. 

1. Waseelat Al Najah

The first and the leading name in the automotive landscape of Dubai is Waseelat Al Najah. It is located in the heart of Dubai and serves as a no. 1 commercial source for auto spare parts industry. At the forefront of their mission lies customer satisfaction and providing commercial vehicles spare parts. They ensure they provide quality driven products and quality commercial vehice parts, and meet all the customer’s needs. Not just that, they have built up a positive culture in their organization built upon integrity, transparency, and a deep-rooted respect for their client base. Their commitment does not end with providing value commercial vehicle spare parts in Dubai, but also with providing peace of mind to all their customers after their purchase. This helps them with customer retention and also helps them grow, innovate and expand their offerings. They provide premium spare parts for commercial vehicles and rally trucks and ensure they follow reliability, innovation, and customer satisfaction standards. Their commitment goes beyond customer satisfaction and ensures a long-term relationship of mutual trust and understanding.

Since they knew the importance of high-quality components and car accessories for specialized vehicles, they aimed to become pioneers of excellence. To achieve that excellence, they sourced and curated various spare parts catalogues. 

2. AL BARAKAH AUTO SPARE PARTS LLC – Sharjah Industrial Area, Sharjah

Al Barak auto spare parts llc deals in known for dealing in enuine spare parts. It is present in Sharjah and encompasses renowned brands like Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Dodge, Mitsubishi, KIA, Chrysler, Mopar, Benz, and Hyundai etc. They proud themselves for specializing in providing genuine car parts and catering to the vast need of clients. They have a vast global network of business partners that directly provides them access to genuine parts. They have ethical business practices and vast inventory of genuine car parts.  This has provided them with the recognition and a huge multitude of satisfied customers across Sharjah and beyond. They are committed to providing enduring relationships within the auto spare parts industry, so if you are looking for a company that has a huge inventory, you must move your direction to Al Barakah auto spare parts llc. 

3.  BAB AL ASIFAH AUTO SPARE PARTS TRADING – Sharjah Industrial Area, Sharjah

Bab Al Asifah has been serving popular auto parts in the business for 20 years now. They have set new and high quality standards for selling auto parts all over UAE. They have a nationwide locator service with them that helps their customers find the part that they need even if it is not available in their inventory. They update their inventory in their auto parts shop weekly to cater to the huge demand of its customers. 

They specialize in going an extra mile for their customers to provide them with specific popular auto spare parts if they are not available in their current inventory. They update their inventory weekly to make sure their customers don’t miss out of any of their needs and have instant access to the most relevant auto parts. Their company is driven by the motto that emphasizes the importance of kindness and commitment to quality service. They train their staff regularly and rigorously about the knowledge of auto spare parts and encourage them to be kind, courteous, and friendly. Their main goal is to treat all their customers with utmost respect and dignity. There goals go beyond selling parts, they make sure that their customers are satisfied and stay with them in the long-run. For that, they never want to make any compromises on the quality, and for that, they provide excellence extended warranty options, which solidifies their position in the eyes of customers automatically. With their vast inventory in their auto parts shop, and excellent business model, they have successfully specialized in high quality auto parts that cater to the needs of individuals customers, dealers, body shops, and independent garages etc. 

4. BAB AL MAJAZ AUTO SPARE PARTS TR LLC – Sharjah Industrial Area, Sharjah

Present in Sharjah Industrial Area, Bab Al Majaz Auto Spare Parts TR LLC emerges as a leading provider of comprehensive and efficient vehicle goods and services. What differentiate them from their competitors around are their cost-effective solutions. They provide array of diverse solutions to meet the dynamic demands of the auto spare parts industry in Sharjah’s industrial area. They are setting new standards of innovation and automation which has made them highly competitive. They make sure that their customers benefit from the latest advancements in the automotive field from their auto parts shop. Moreover, they have various service centers with a skilled team of staff, technicians, and car dealership specialists that guide customers the best need and requirement for their vehicles or commercial vehicles.  Their efforts in keeping themselves technological advanced coupled with their focus and emphasis on customer satisfaction, they position themselves in the auto spare parts industry in Sharjah region as a trusted name. 

5. FIFTH STAR AUTO SPARE PARTS TRDG EST – Sharjah Industrial Area, Sharjah

Present in the industrial hub of Sharjah, Fifth Star Auto Spare Parts TRDG EST collectively emerge as a powerhouse in the realm of automotive solutions. The company profile of Fifth Star Auto Spare Parts TRDG EST reveals an extensive list of reputable suppliers in the UAE, including names such as TRILEX, MANN FILTER, ELRING, WABCO, BERAL, BALO, EURORICAMBI, BOSCH, FEBI BILSTEIN, HELLA, GLYCO, and GOETZE. This strategic collaboration positions Blue Wings Auto as a one-stop destination for a diverse range of automotive components and materials.


Beyond being mere suppliers, Fifth Star Auto Spare Parts TRDG EST expands its influence into various realms, offering an extensive catalog that spans building materials, masking tapes, commercial vehicle parts, truck parts, heavy equipment spare parts, and construction equipment spare parts. Thus, the Fifth Star Auto Spare Parts TRDG EST not only serve as purveyors of quality automotive components but also as comprehensive suppliers catering to the diverse needs of the automotive, construction, and heavy equipment sectors. Their extensive offerings underscore their commitment to being a versatile and reliable partner for businesses and enthusiasts alike in the vibrant auto spare parts landscape of Sharjah.

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