Top Toyota Spare Parts Suppliers in Dubai


Finding genuine Toyota’s auto spare parts is hard in UAE. A lot of people struggle to find genuine car parts as there are not many authentic suppliers in Dubai. Due to an increased demand of Toyota spare parts in Sharjah, finding the right spare part fit for your car be hard. A lot of suppliers can try to scam you for fake spare parts and asking way too much price for the spare parts.

After a lot of extensive research, we have come up with these 5 genuine Toyota spare parts’ suppliers that have Toyota parts store and you can also buy spare parts online. These suppliers are authentic and have a stock of different spare parts. Thus, if you are looking for genuine Toyota’s spare parts in Dubai, look no further than these top suppliers. 

1. Waseelat Al Najah:

Waseelat Al Najah is a reliable commercial source for Toyota spare parts. It aims to redefine excellence and provide Toyota spare parts Dubai. When it comes to Toyota’s genuine parts in Dubai, they are scarce to find but we offer exceptional products and services to our customers by keeping our stores fully stacked with Toyota parts. We offer many Toyota parts in our store by is Sharjah or Dubai, we have all, from truck spare parts to brake oil and batteries. We have an extensive inventory of genuine components in Toyota parts. 

Waseelat has served over 15 years in the auto spare parts industry and has a leading name in the auto spare parts industry. Their main goal is to provide Toyota genuine parts in Dubai and not just that, but provide automotive reliability and unparalleled experience to their customers. They are certified experts and care about your vehicle’s unique needs. 

At Waseelat, your partnership does not end with them after the purchase. With their genuine Toyota’s spare parts, they offer premium satisfaction to their clients. They do so by making sure that their customer’s vehicle runs smoothly years after the purchase with their quality aftersales services. So, if you are looking for spare parts online and in UAE, look no further as Waseelat is the ultimate place to be.  

2. Noorhan:

Noorhan is also one of the prominent names when it comes to Toyota’s parts in UAE. They deal in Toyota’s genuine parts in Dubai, Toyota’s aftermarket parts, and their car accessories. They have multiple Toyota spare parts including its brake parts, brake oil, Toyota’s tools, fuel, chassis parts, air conditioning parts, and powertrain parts etc. 

We know that in Dubai, Toyota is one of the most used brands in Dubai and finding genuine spare parts is hard, but Noorhan helps its customers with that. It has channels like WhatsApp and email through which you can place an order and buy Toyota parts online. They have a proper blog section to help you with the most popular cars in Dubai. They also have a catalog section in which you can choose from multiple options to see which suits the best incase if you are looking for Toyota’s spare parts in Dubai. Not just that, they have all the necessary car accessories needed for your Toyota’s cars. 

3. Star City:

Star City is also a leading Toyota parts provider in Dubai & Middle East. They have trained technicians that make sure that every part is engineered specifically for your car’s unique needs. Only the skilled manufacturer fit Toyota’s car parts for you. They differentiate themselves on the pricing part. They offer quality products with competitive pricing and that too having wide range of variety in stock. They not only deal in Toyota’s spare parts, but also sell a wide range of quality accessories designed specifically for your car parts. 

We know well that every car needs auto repairing from time to time and finding a genuine Toyota parts store can be hard. Thus, Star City specialize themselves in providing spare parts in bulk and also providing quality genuine Toyota spare parts. They proud themselves in providing excellent customer service to their customers. They offer transparent communication, from initial point of contact to building long term partnership with their customers. Moreover, they have professional mechanics in stores for their customers. Their mechanics are skilled and have completed certifications in their respective fields. They are well-versed with all technologies and are well adaptive to any changes. They follow a proper protocol and have a one-on-one interaction with the car owners. This now only provides customers with the satisfaction, but also leads towards delivering quality service. 

4. is also a Toyota spare parts provider in UAE. They believe in building a relationship of mutual respect and trust with their customers. Thus, they go by this aim and try to win their trust while dealing with their customers on daily basis. They are working tirelessly every day to ensure that their relationship with their customers grow every day and they become the most reliable and genuine Toyota’s spare parts supplier in Dubai. 

Their aim does not end there; they want their customers coming back to them every single time. For that, they ensure highest quality of Toyota’s spare parts and strive to improve the overall customer retention rate. They also offer global shipping of Toyota’s spare parts making sure the delivery is speedy and reliable. Their inventory includes essential components like engines, transmissions, and brake systems, as well as smaller yet crucial parts such as filters, belts, and sensors. They make sure that all things in their inventory are directly sourced from Toyota. This ensures the same level of quality that it was built with. 

What sets them apart is their ready pricing for almost all Toyota models. They provide genuine Toyota parts for both new and used Toyota cars that cover wide range of models. Not just that, they are a reliable supplier providing worldwide shipping of Toyota parts. They make sure that they do quick delivery globally with all spare parts reaching you safely. 

5. Nojoom Sindabaad Trading LLC

Nojoom Sindabaad Trading LLC is one of the most recognized and reputed auto spare parts shop in Dubai, UAE dealing with genuine spare parts for more than 20 years. They pride themselves in building a loyal customer base. If you are looking of Toyota spare parts in Sharjah, you can opt for Najoom Sindabaad as they deal in body parts, mirrors, suspension parts, clutches, transmission filter, water pump, brake pad, alternator for car etc. They provide all these Toyota spare parts at most competitive pricing. They differentiate themselves in delivering you Toyota’s genuine parts at your doorstep. 

They proud themselves as an excellence service provider and improving the overall performance of your car. They prioritize their customer’s safety by also providing them with ease and comfort. They make sure their inventory is updated always so their customers never have to wait for any spare part. If a spare part is not available at some time, they make sure to deliver it to your doorstep as soon as they can.


We know that Toyota cars are designed in a way that they provide highest quality, but they still need servicing after sometimes and with an increased demand in Toyota spare parts in Dubai, there are various suppliers but not all provide quality and authentic services. So, if you are looking for genuine car parts, you must be worried about trust and authenticity of suppliers. Thus, we must recommend you to only trust well-known providers that we have mentioned in the article for you. As a Toyota car user, you must never compromise on quality as having a good car not only means comfort, but also security for you and your family.  

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