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Waseelat Al Najah Trading Co is a Dubai commercial vehicle spare parts supplier. It was established in 1964 and was led by Mr. Mehboob Ellahi. Initially, it specialized in popular auto parts trading but later on expanded to Honda auto spare parts products. They have been doing strong marketing and providing after-sales support to their employees under Mr. Malik’s guidance. They have an extensive inventory of commercial vehicle spare parts at a store that covers a wide range of components, including fuel systems, engines, clutches, and more. Waseelat specializes in providing auto spare parts of all commercial values, including batteries, drivelines, brake fluids, engine oils, suspension systems, lights, etc. They also deal in Toyota spare parts and commit to providing high-quality products at competitive prices and ensuring customer satisfaction and retention. 

1. Scania


Pistons are responsible for converting energy waves from fuel combustion to mechanical motion. At Waseelat, many popular auto spare parts have high-quality Scania pistons that ensure optimal performance for your vehicle. They also provide efficient fuel usage and power delivery, improving the overall reliability of Scania truck vehicles.


At Waseelat’s auto parts store, there are premium quality liners that are made to withstand extreme temperatures and maintain the cylinder integrity of the engine. They have good durability, so these liners can help your vehicle with optimal engine performance, prolonging the Scania truck’s lifespan and minimizing its downtime.  

Cylinder Head Gasket:

The cylinder Head Gasket is a vital sealing component in Scania engines. This component helps prevent coolant fluids and combustion gas leakage between the engine block and cylinder head. Their cylinder head gaskets are also highly compatible with Scania engine specifications. They have a tight seal, which ensures efficient heat transfer and engine performance.

2. DAF

Steering Pump:

In DAF trucks, the steering pump is a highly crucial component. They are responsible for providing hydraulic assistance to the steering system, which ensures responsive handling and driving. This is because it allows for consistent hydraulic pressure that offers superior performance and safety on the road of DAF trucks.


Since Waseelat offers commercial vehicle spare parts, it also provides smooth clutch components, including clutch discs, release bearings, and pressure plates, to ensure heavy-duty usage and consistent performance of the DAF trucks.  


An alternator plays a vital role in DAF trucks as it generates electrical power that recharges the battery and gives power to the vehicle’s electrical systems. Waseelat has high-quality auto parts for DAF alternators that are specifically built to provide and meet the requirements of modern commercial vehicles. They are constructed in a way that they deliver reliable power output even if there are challenging operating conditions. With an uninterrupted electrical supply, they support the functionality of critical vehicle systems.

3. Renault

Water Pump:

A water pump is essential for Renault trucks to maintain optimal operating temperature. Waseelat has an inventory of reliable and durable Renault water pumps that help withstand rigorous conditions, ensuring the engineer gets cool and does not overheat. Renault water pumps from Waseelat’s auto part shop ensure endurance and efficient truck operations.


Waseelat, a commercial vehicle spare parts supplier in Dubai, has a vast collection of Turbochargers. These turbochargers in Renault trucks are responsible for optimal boost pressure and efficient power output. Since Dakar Rally races also occur in high-temperature areas and Renault trucks are mainly exported to high-temperature areas, the turbocharges bear extreme weather conditions and provide consistent performance and fuel economy for Renault trucks. They are durable and provide Renault truck drivers with improved acceleration and engine performance.

Air Compressor:

Air compressors in Renault trucks play a crucial role as they prove beneficial in various pneumatic systems such as air horns, brakes, and suspensions. The air compressors Waseelat provides for Renault trucks are efficient, reliable, and available in vast amounts at their auto parts store. This component also supports the proper functioning of essential vehicle systems and provides security to the driver on the road.

4. MAN

Feed Pump:

The feed pump delivers fuel from the tank to the engine’s injection system. Waseelat, at their auto parts shop, provides MAN feed pumps renowned for their reliability and efficiency. They ensure that fuel is delivered adequately in MAN trucks, promoting optimal engine performance and smooth operation, which is extremely important for uninterrupted and smooth vehicle operation.

Diesel Pipe:

Diesel pipes are essential for fuel delivery systems inside MAN trucks. These diesel pipes ensure a smooth flow of diesel fuel from the tank to the engine’s injection system. Waseelat prides itself on delivering high-quality MAN diesel pipes to withstand heavy-duty applications. They are made from durable materials that stop them from corrosion, abrasion, and damage in high-pressure conditions. Thus, these reliable and efficient diesel pipes play a huge role in the efficient fuel delivery and longevity of MAN trucks.

Brake Chamber:

Brake chambers in MAN trucks are responsible for converting air pressure into mechanical force to actuate the brakes. The brake chambers that Waseelat provides for MAN trucks are known for their durability and performance. These brake chambers are constructed to provide dependable braking power, which helps in vehicle control and ensures safety in multiple operating conditions of the MAN trucks.

5. Volvo

Crank Shaft:

It is an essential component of Volvo truck engines as it ensures precise machining and alignment of truck vehicles. The crankshaft available at Waseelat’s auto spare parts shop delivers smooth operation and long-lasting service life. This contributes to the overall durability and efficiency of Volvo trucks.


Flywheels are an auto part of Volvo trucks and assist in smooth engine operations. These components are created to withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications. To ensure seamless engagement of the car, the flywheel helps in smooth gear change and improved drivetrain performance. It also assists in smooth and precise engagement and disengagement of the clutch.


Volvo assemblies consist of various components to ensure compatibility with Volvo trucks. These assemblies include engine assemblies, transmission assemblies, etc. The engine assemblies undergo various testing measures to ensure they’re in their quality form and thus provide truck drivers with secure driving and peace of mind on the road. At Waseelat, all of these popular auto parts are present. These Volvo assemblies offer solutions for repair and maintenance solutions, ensuring uninterrupted operation and uptime for Volvo trucks.

6. Mercedes

Fuel Tank Gauge:

Fuel Tank Gauge is an essential component in Mercedes trucks as it accurately measures the remaining fuel level. This helps in optimal truck performance and also in fuel management. Premium fuel tank gauges are designed to offer accurate readings, assisting drivers in monitoring fuel levels so they can plan their activities accordingly. Waseelat at their auto parts store helps Mercedes trucks contribute to enhanced fuel economy and improved operational efficiency, minimizing the Mercedes truck’s downtime.

Centre Bearing:

Centre bearing ensures smooth and vibration-free power transfer between the Mercedes’ wheels and engine. They also withstand heavy-duty usage and provide long-lasting performance of the trucks. The vibration-free power transfer ensures proper alignment and provides the driver with vehicle stability and safety on the road.

Engine Mounting:

Engine mountings are very important in Mercedes trucks. They absorb vibrations to minimize noise and provide the driver with the comfort and overall effectiveness of the vehicle. These engine mountings offer comprehensive support and vibration isolation for the engine. Thus, it gives Mercedes truck operations a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

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